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...then comes baby

Hello tribe! I know it's been awhile since my last blog post, but things have crazy around la casa de Z (in the best way). If you follow me on social media then I'm sure you've seen the exciting news...

As you can see, we've been a busy bunch! Between everything your mama body goes through during the first trimester and preparing our home for our newest addition, it's been a busy, exhausting, joy-filled, exciting ride!!!

I've always wanted to be a mother. My biological clock wasn't in a rush, but I knew years ago that I would be a mom in one way or another. They say you're never really ready and I thought that to be true until now. I feel ready. I know our world is going to turn upside down in the best possible way, but I'm ready for it. WE are ready for it. As a couple, we have had eight beautiful years alone together. Eight years of making memories, creating a home, traveling the world and just enjoying each other. That will never go away, but we have now made room in our hearts for another little love to come along at what we both feel is the perfect time in our lives. I'm so glad we never gave into the pressures of others who were pressing us to get pregnant right after we were married. I'm also glad we never, ever listened to the people who assumed our lives were too busy for a child. (Ummmm hello - you adjust regardless of what you do for a living.) I'm proud of us for living life on our terms and that's how we will continue to cultivate our little family: on our terms. That's how we should ALL live our lives, anyway!

At this moment, I've never been more content in my life. Truthfully, I thought I was before we found out that we are expecting...but the news just took it to the next level. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel from the bottom of my heart that being a mama to this sweet child will be the greatest role I ever play, the best job I'll ever have and the most wonderful thing I'll ever do in my lifetime. This is such a gift! Creating life with the man I love more than anything in the whole world is nothing short of magical and I am beyond grateful.

I've enjoyed reading mommy blogs and finding all sorts of fun things on Pinterest, which has inspired me to share my journey to motherhood but I'm unsure of what that looks like at this point. While I understand the value of it, I also look at this situation as something very sacred and special...something I want to nurture and protect as much as humanly possible. It's a fine line so it will be a good practice for me to uphold those healthy boundaries I'm always babbling on about. haha For now, I'm just reveling in this moment and excited that our secret is out!

Baby Z: Arriving October 2019

As of today, we are at 13 weeks and baby is the length of a peapod, weighing nearly an ounce! Looking forward to meeting our sweet boy or girl in October!


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