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Skin Care Talk: Large Pores

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’ve decided that with so many skin care questions coming my way, I’d start a series here on the blog. This week, we are going to talk large pores and how to deal with them.

Here’s the deal, gals: Pores are just a part of life. It’s a way for your skin to breathe. While some of us may have suuuper small ones, they still exist. The only reason we have this obsession all of a sudden is because of retouching, good lighting, clever filters and nice cameras. Period. Give yourself a break and embrace the fact that pores are necessary for your skin to function.

Now let’s move to treatment. To figure that out, it helps to know the cause.

1. Aging. Collagen loss means loss of volume and elasticity in the skin which means your pores maybe aren’t as taught as they used to be.

2. Genetics. Some of us are just born with more textured skin and it will always be that way. Can we minimize the appearance? Sure. But just accept the fact that your pores are never going away and that’s okay. You’re beautiful...rock it.

3. Congestion. If your pores are clogged w oil and debris, they will stretch making them appear larger.

You could be one of these reasons, a mixture or all 3. Below, I’ll list some options and products for ya!


Laser peels

Chemical peels

Hydrafacial or any facial really




1. Tretonoin or Retinol - you’ll need to grab these from a doctor or medical spa. These are resurfacing treatments commonly used to treat acne and anti-aging.

2. Mask to exfoliate and detoxify. I recommend doing a mask 2-4 times a week depending on your skin type. My favorites are:

MASQUE OF ZEN (exfoliate and detox) -

SKIN POLISH (exfoliating only) -

SAND & SKY (exfoliate and detox) -

3. Use a cleansing brush like this Clarisonic:

4. Take your vitamins and even a collagen booting supplement.

5. Drinks lots of water.

6. This cooling balm is one of my faves. I use it myself as well as on my clients. It calms the skin, reducing inflammation and tightens pores. Use as a light moisturizer or booster treatment. COOL BALM -

7. Sotoks is an anti-aging serum that promotes resurfacing. It lightens, tightens and brightens without the use of harsh ingredients and chemicals. It’s natural and cruelty free BUT highly effective:

8. All around miracle treatment: ONE DROP WONDER is a vitamin rich, natural and cruelty free remedy for all kinds of skin woes. This stuff even heals/prevents scarring. Nature at its best! -

We there ya go gals! I hope this helps :) let me know if you decide to try one or more of these treatments and how it’s working for you. See ya next week!

In the meantime....





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