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Mediation is something that is very hard for me. I find my mind racing with thoughts or if I get relaxed enough, I just fall asleep. I found an app called Simple Habit that has a ton of guided meditations with various topics. They have everything from travel, to anxiety, stress, sleep, fertility, relationships...the full spectrum! I like it because they are guided, allowing me to get the most out of my experience. I am currently doing a series called the thought detox, as it is something that I have really been struggling with lately.

Not every thought that crosses our minds is worth driving into. Most importantly, not every thought is true. While the words of others wield a certain amount of power, I think the things we tell ourselves hold even more, so it’s really important that we become mindful of our them. Limitation, abundance, doubt, belief, insecurity, confidence, self-love, self-hate ~ you have the power to control all of these things in that big, beautiful brain of yours. And the cool thing is, even if someone does say something nasty to you about your character, your appearance, whatever it may be; you have the cognitive ability to either accept those words as true or realize that they are just an opinion - and opinions are not fact.

f a v o r i t e s

Need some extra soul nurturing juiciness? Check out the Gaia network! It’s a subscription based service that has so much to offer for body and mind. They also have guided meditation in addition to energy healing, chakra balance, yoga practice and even some fun astrological things (plus some cool stuff about aliens).

Mind Body Green is a publication that I can’t get enough of. I’m subscribed to their email list and I’m continually amazed at the amount of information that have! Check them out at

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