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Updated: May 19, 2020

Well, we have been parents for two-ish months now and we have certainly learned a lot! I was as prepared as humanly possible but even still, there have been times when I felt completely clueless. In those times, I have also discovered products that help us immensely. Gradually, we have found our footing and I’ve been really amazed by the natural instincts that kick in as well. I read an article recently about how the brain of a mother physically changes and I 100% agree with that! It’s incredible how we naturally adapt as parents, but sometimes we need an assist ;-) I have been so very lucky, thanks to my hard working hubby, to be able to stay home with our Evie. Since I’m so hands-on, I’ve been able to test out gadgets, products, etc and really figure out what’s helpful for us (and potentially you). As I’m writing this, one handed I might add. #momlife I’ve got a sleeping babe on my arm and she’s due for a snack soon soooo, I’ll get to the point. Below are links to two LTK posts where I’ve tagged my 16 MAMA and BABY essentials that have been helpful these past 9 weeks.




For me, soft pj sets have been wonderful since there were many days (and still are) that I didn’t leave the house. I felt less like a scrub in my super soft pin-striped, button down pajamas from target! Hands-free and cordless pumping is another lifesaver in addition to milk boosting snacks and teas. Corsets and tummy wraps are a great way to feel more like yourself and help with getting your shape back.

For Evie, our girl likes to be close so baby wearing has been amazing and essential. She’s also very particular about pacifiers and bottles so I linked her faves (after trying several brands). Also, Everly loves cozy things so I highly recommend fleece onesies and blankets. Oh! And don’t just buy cute outfits. Look at how easy they are to get on AND do diaper changes with. I’m a fan of zippers over snaps. In addition to this, the “ESSENTIALS lullabies” on iTunes is AMAZING. It calms her right down and I enjoy listening to it as well. Lastly, we have tried several diapers and Huggies Swaddlers have been my personal preference. My last two suggestions are: anything that helps with tummy time (like books with colors like red, yellow, blue, black and white) as well as some type of white noise machine. She has a bunny that velcros to anything!

I’m sure I’m forgetting things because of my “mom brain” so I’ll be sure to edit and update as needed ;-)

Stay tuned for more favorites as our precious gal grows (and as we grow too). Also, a lot of y’all have commented on her nursery so I plan on sharing that soon. It’s the most peaceful space in our house, i put a lot of time and love into so every detail is special.


Stephi Z


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