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Jungle Fever: My Favorite Fall Trend!

It’s no secret that fall fashion is my fave and this year is no exception. Gimme all the animal print! Snakeskin and Leopard everything are so on trend whether you implement it as a jacket, top, shoe, pant, skirt or bag. Below are some of the cuties I’ve found gracing the interweb, ranging in price so there’s something for everyone - with the exception of designer hand bags using real snakeskin which can run you around 1k or more. If thats something you’d like me to research in the future, I’ll definitely do that...just leave a comment!

Disclaimer: I typically do my blog posts via laptop and can embed links into photos. I’m currently in the U.K. and to limit the amount I’m schlepping, I left the MacBook at home and am doing this post from my iPhone, which limits what i can do. If I wait any longer, fall will be over and these items won’t help you lol So...I hope you find some value in this post, even though it isn’t fancy ;-)

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