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Catching Up with the Z's

Wow! May went by so incredibly fast and a ton went down. Here are the highlights from what we've been up to lately...

UK TOUR (plus lots of other shows in Canada and the states)

My hubby (Dean) was gone touring the UK for two weeks which was tough for both of us. Usually I take the trip with him but due to my pregnancy we thought it best for me to stay at home. Dean played tons of sold out shows to thousands upon thousands of people! This tour has been such a blessing to our family and I know my hubby really enjoys the performances there as well. Looking forward to taking our little one to see daddy perform over there someday : ) Here's a little slideshow of his shows for ya and if you'd like to see videos, just click HERE.


I've had the pleasure of glamming up several lovely ladies as of late in addition to prepping for my online makeup masterclass which is available for registration right now! Here's a few of the beautiful girls who've graced my chair:


On May 27th we celebrated 4 years of marriage! My husband was only able to be home for 16 hours (back from the UK tour and on to Lake George, NY) but we made the most of our time together. Every year, we like to stick with the suggested gifts and this year was a mixed bag. We covered flowers, fruit, blue topaz, linen and appliances. It's always a fun little challenge to find something meaningful while staying with the signature gift suggestions for the year. Of course, quality time together is always our number one priority (that should go without saying but ya never know lol). Celebrating our anniversaries (dating and marriage) are my absolute favorite because they were the best decisions I've ever made. I get to do life with my best friend and greatest love...and for that, I'm forever grateful.


Our very first baby of the furry variety is this sweet little nugget named Memphis. He's a puggle and quite possibly the best pup in the whole world (it's a tie between him and his sister, Cookie of course lol)! I know for a fact he certainly changed our lives for the better. Our little fella loves to cuddle with mama and play fetch with dad but his favorite thing is snacking - without a doubt! haha I don't think he's met a treat he didn't like. He's very playful, funny, smart and loving. Memphis loves people but definitely has his favorites and I can tell by these funny little noises he makes. His list of dislikes isn't very long but on it would be water and baths at Petco. He HATED the beach, won't go near me when I'm watering outside and has a complete meltdown when we go for our nail trimmings and bathing appointments. Isn't it funny how each and every dog has their own distinctive personality? I love this boy sooooo very much and he's the reason my love for animals is so strong. I never knew that I could bond this closely with an pup until Memphis came into our lives. It was an instant connection from the moment we met.


At the dance studio (AIM) we have been busy prepping for recital! I don't have any photos or videos to share but once their performance goes live, I'll be sure to share on my YouTube Channel! These girls have worked so hard and I've really enjoyed my time with them.


My mother likes to do surprise yard makeovers and my front yard is no exception. I LOVE the makeover she did with the landscaping and the shutters. It adds so much more personality to our home! In the back, we have been doing some work as well. On the inside we have started on the nursery and are doing a full master bath renovation. Both of which we are very excited about!


We have officially hit 20 weeks which marks the halfway point of my pregnancy! Soon we will be finding out whether Baby Z will be a boy or a girl! Honestly, all we want is a healthy baby but we are still very excited to find out the gender. I can't wait to finish the nursery and get some cute clothes. It will also be nice to start using our babe's name when we talk to her/him. Eeeeeek!!!!! SO EXCITED!

Now you're all caught up with the Z's! I hope you've all had a great start to your summer as well :) Remember to get out there and enjoy yourselves - we aren't here to just make a living...we are here to make a LIFE!



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