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A Year in Review

My initial thoughts on 2018? What a sh*t show. Good riddance!

BUT as I sit and reflect upon every single memory, I’m reminded of the incredible amount of good that happened. While mourning loss, I have chosen to change my perspective to that of gratitude for the time I shared with those that we feel left us too soon. I want to focus on the breakthroughs, the moments that made me smile, the healing and the wonderful connections formed. In all things, I want to ask WHAT the Universe/God is trying to teach me rather than ask WHY it is happening to me. As Tony Robbins says, "Life is not happening to you, it's happening FOR you."

With that being said, here is my Year in Review!

(feel free to share your own and use the hashtags #yearinreview along with #stephistyle)

As a couple, my husband and I visited around 7 different countries, France and Spain being my favorites. We also made tremendous strides as a team this year and I’ve never felt stronger in my marriage, friendship and companionship to my husband in our eight years. I know that 2019 will be a magical one for us as our love continues to grow deeper with time.

Professionally, I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone and launched an online course in the hopes of empowering women to truly love themselves. Through self-care rituals, healing techniques, self-awareness, beauty tips and more, my tribe and I made it a roaring success. I had 32 participants which totally blew me away! When you listen to God/the Universe, things fall into place. Putting the ego aside and leaning into faith (as well as my friends) are what made this possible. My next course will start up March 1st so just check the STEPHI STYLE COURSES tab for more info and to register!

I performed in Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma and even a cruise to Mexico, which is always fun! A highlight was being chosen to be the body double for an Amy Winehouse hologram in England! As always, I’ve continued to pursue freelance makeup and hair styling and was able to work a ton of weddings and photo shoots this year. In August I stood up on a stage and gave a presentation along with a makeup demo for Younique Cosmetics. Public speaking has always terrified me, but I did it and get this: I LOVED IT! I especially loved the little Britney Spears mic I got to wear. lol I was able to check something off of my dream board from 2017 and that was being accepted by and ShopStyle. I’m forever grateful to always get to do what I love because everything I do allows me to give JOY! That's my driving force, something I realized this year. Thanks for that 2018. Maybe you weren't as bad as I thought :)

On a personal note, 2018 was a year of growth, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. I finally got to know myself and most importantly, like myself. Attending the Abundant Sisterhood Retreat was a huge step in the midst of that process, which I wrote about here (see Abundant AF). When we KNOW who we are, it allows us to shake off any negative energy or opinions from the outside world. It opens the door for self-love and in turn, self-confidence. Now, this isn't an excuse to just get away with bad behavior under the guise of "it's just who I am." Always striving for the highest good while maintaining your authenticity is the formula for a divine cocktail of self-love. Do you see how this aligns perfectly with my course? That's because WE ARE NOT ALONE in all of the feelings we have, the baggage we carry and the wounds that need healing. Working on the outside is simple and fun. It's a great way to express yourself and feel good. We MUST take care of ourselves the best we can, but if we don't work on our hearts, souls and minds, what good is a tight butt and an on-point contour?! Answer: it's worth zip. nada. nothing.

Adios 2018, Hello 2019...

So that's my year in review. It's been a wild ride as usual! Today, the first day of 2019, we indulged in an old tradition that I believe has not only southern roots but Irish as well. To bring you and yours health and prosperity in the new year, you partake in a meal containing hog jowl, black-eyed peas and some type of cabbage or greens. We also add in fried potatoes and cornbread. Do you do anything like that? It works! (or maybe it just works because we believe that it does. There's immense power in our thoughts!)

Now, I'm sitting here typing this for all of you :) I'm grateful to have this outlet and for those of you who take the time to read my posts - THANK YOU. As I set my intentions for 2019, two words come to mind: GROWTH & ABUNDANCE. I don't believe in resolutions because I think we should always be evolving but I do believe in setting intentions and goals. That's never a bad thing! I challenge you to pick a word and set a couple of goals. It's good to break it down by category: PERSONAL. CAREER. BIG DREAM. I also feel like it's important to honor yourself in the process and to strive for things that have depth. For example, maybe instead of choosing a weight or size that you want to be, strive to be healthy and love yourself in every physical phase. Choose to make better dietary choices and be active at least 5 days a week. That challenges you to work towards your best while also giving yourself kindness and grace.

Wishing ya'll an abundant new year, Z.Tribe. All the Love...

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