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5min Glass Skin Makeup

When you invest in and take care of your skin, you have a lot more options in terms of makeup. I have literally never worn a tinted moisturizer by itself until recently. My skin has either been super unbalanced or I just didn’t feel comfortable in anything but full coverage. I’ve been on a plant-based skincare regime since January and I’m so pleased with the results! So, now my goal is to share what I’ve learned so that makeup is an option for not just me, but you too. It’s also nice to HAVE options whether you want to be natural, glowing, matte, dewy, super glam, etc. My other goal as of late is to come up with not just “quick” but simple routines. Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated. If I have time to sit down and take 45min on my face alone: yipee skippee 🎉 but I usually don’t...and with a bambino on the way, I know my time for glam on a daily basis will be limited. ALSO, I too have been sucked into the glorious advertising hole that is social media where I have felt like I HAD to have this and I HAD to have that. Unless it’s something you’re suuuuper into, you do not need every eyeshadow palette that launches boo. (If you want it, great!) Just like w a capsule wardrobe, if you get your key pieces, you’re golden! I spend more time and invest more into my skincare than anything else these days and I’m glad I did! Would ya’ll like to see a skin care video? Let me know below AND let me know what you think about this one too 😊 *there’s no sound btw*




Limelife skin care -

Bareminerals tinted moisturizer w spf

Becca Cosmetics luminizer/priming filter

LL lipstick in femfire and tinted brow gel:

Stila huge mascara

Norvina palette

KVD lock it finishing power

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